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Wrong time of tasks on Web version
Tasks on Web version have time one hour less, than on Andriod version. And I think Andriod App has right time, but Web version has wrong, because it use switching winter time. But we don't switch winter and summer time for a couple years.
I set timezone on UTC + 3:00 Minsk to my computer and my phone and tasks have different time.
For example, task at 19:00 on Android starts at 18:00 on Web.
I have changed timezone on computer to UTC + 4:00 Baku (just for testing) and this task changed its time to 20:00. So I think you switch winter time on Web version for timezone Minsk, but it is wrong.

We can't seem to reproduce this issue on our side. Could you please let us know the browser you are using? Also, please visit , then copy the data and send to with the error task name.

I use Chrome browser.
I tried to open TickTick on Firefox and time was right. On the same computer.
I have changed timezone to another city with the same time +3:00 (Nairobi) and time was right on the Chrome too. But when I have returned timezome to +3:00 (Kaliningrad) (I think they are the same) time on Chrome changed to a hour earlier. Time on Firefox didn't change.

I sent you email with information you asked.

I'll use Firefox until you fix the problem.

Kaliningrad is in +2, not +3. Where are you at exactly?

It's difficult ))) I live in Minsk, and Minsk has timezone UTC + 3, but Windows OS unites timezone Minsk and Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad switches winter and summer time, but Minsk not. So now Minsk and Kaliningrad has two different time. But I see one timezone on my computer Kaliningrad, Minsk UTC + 3 and choose it. But in fact, it's different timezones.

I have read the Winows Help about this problem: but I don't know how it can help.
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