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Snooze doesn't work right
Maybe I am just confused but if I put something in snooze for 3 hours it shouldn't notify me again until 2 and 1/2 hours later.

What happens is in 15 minutes the notification will pop up again. The only work around is to manually reschedule the task or press x in the corner and leave it in my notifications.

Am I misunderstanding the snooze function or is this a bug?

Did you set multiple reminders for this task?
No only one.
Did it always happen to recurring tasks or tasks with subtasks (subtasks have reminders)?
No sub tasks at all and none of them have been reoccurring tasks either. I set one for 7am tomorrow, get reminded at 630am, Click snooze for 3 hours, get reminded again at 645am. Is it because the actual due time hasn't passed yet?
What is your TickTick version? Did the issue happen to all tasks or only one task?
This happens with all tasks. 4.7.5 is the version, Android Oreo.
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