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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- Support filtering by tag in calendar view
- Support right-clicking for more options in calendar view
- Support batch drag&drop tasks
- Option to show overdue tasks at the top/bottom of the list

TickTick Team
Hi. I have and Check Update is saying that is the latest version.
Really? It's not even listed in the MicroSoft Store...
Can I switch my accounts using app? Or should I log out and then in every time I want to switch?
I have the premium app... my coworker, all of a sudden, can't check things off a list. It comes up with the error saying:
Sorry, you've reached the use limit on tasks. Upgrade now and add up to 999 tasks in TickTick. Even though when you go to her 'stats' it says she's only checked off or whatever, 285 tasks!
Eagerly waiting for version 3.0

No Christmas/New Year presents? :-)
I noticed that the Windows version doesn't have the Summary or the Trash view but the Web version does. Are there any plans to add both or perhaps I'm missing something? Using version

45 days of no updates. I wonder what's coming up :-) Any word?
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