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Pomodoro Timer not making a sound
Whenever I finish a pomodoro-session, the Timer works perfectly in every way (notification, popup etc) BUT no ringtone will play. The problem with that is, that I sometimes miss it and have a longer pause than I am supposed to have.

A few updates back this was still possible, so was it removed on purpose or is it a bug?

Loving EVERY new feature so far btw... keep it up guys !

Did you have any "do not disturb" settings on? Have you made sure all the notifications sounds are loud enough?
Everything was as it should be... still nothing
Please go to the pomo settings and select another ringtone, see if it works this time?
Well it seems to work if the notification volume on my phone is up and i am not in "do not disturb" mode... wich also means that every incoming text disrupts my workflow...
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