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How do I click on links inside of my tasks when using TickTick for iOS?

I've done everything from tap, to hold, to force touch, but can't successfully click on a link and are forced to copy/paste.


Did you paste it in the description? Try long pressing it until you see the link become highlighted and then click.
No links are clickable. Be it web URLs or x-callback.
Nothing is working on iOS as Tyler mentioned. Long press, force touch, tapping.

You can search the web via selecting the link and via popup hover on select, but that is.
Or you can copy the link manually.
But no luck with the x-callbacks.

Simply put, links are NOT clickable.

Where did you put those links?
Description field and into comment section, none works on iOS.
Example with Bear app callback URL, but the same goes for any link:
Similar for me. Nothing is clickable. Tried description, and checklist items.
For extra clarification, just did some more tests. For me, internal links don't work (like bear://) at all. https:// links work, but never on the first click. First click goes to edit. Then I click into something else, and long click on the URL and eventually it gives me a action sheet with options like "Open". But would really love for internal links to be clickable.
+1 Same problem here. Internal links are not working.
Any update?

Can a developer please let me know if Tick Tick enables one to add links to words? I just upgraded to PRO but cannot seem to figure this out. Knowing that this is impossible would help too. I just wish someone could give me an answer. Thanks for any help. (Using iOS)
Доброе время суток. Есть проблема, не возможно открывать внутренние ссылки в iOS которые указаны в задачи, например такого плана ithoughts://open?path=/iCloud/123.itmz&topic=6638A972-3475-4CDC-A5FB-F00B39B659A5
Когда вы исправите эту проблему?
Sorry, we currently do not support to add links to words yet.
Но вы же ведь поддерживаете такие ссылки: ticktick://typhoon
Почему же вы не можете сделать что бы поддерживались ссылки на другие приложения?
Hi Support.
Is this in your list of features for builds that are in consideration? Can you give us an idea of build priority for this?
Currently working for me with this format on Mac


I could Not get anything with Spaces in it to work, tried < > tried ' ' tried "\ " tried &nbsp;

A solution is to just make an alias of the document and put it somewhere simple like

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