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Calendar Better Scroller for Mac OS
First of all, I'm a big fan of this app and I've recommended it to everyone I know so far. Thank you :)

I would like to see the selected date [today] on the calendar view always in the first row.

Currently in the last 2 weeks of each month, when you switch to the calendar view you always I see 3 empty rows (weeks) in the top (especially when completed tasks are not shown).

And this is really annoying, it's much better to have the current week always on the top of the frame, or at least be able to scroll and see the next 30 days in the same screen.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Will pass this feedback to the product team soon and we will see what we could do to improve in the future.
Thanks, looking forward.
Agreed with Mahmoud. It's quite inconvenient to see a fixed calendar view. Being able to set to see 30 days in advance is far more reasonable, especially since only "next 7 days" is an option.
+1 Also agree, find the current behaviour very frustrating when managing items in the calendar view.
Trackpad scrolling would be useful in any view, the same way you can with ical on mac, rather than having to click the ←→ buttons
12 months and no comment from support?

Can we get some info on this please.
GUYS! The new calendar interface update is ABSOLUTELY brilliant.
You nailed it.
Can’t wait for 2 way sync ��️
iCal is the gold standard for calendar interface. A few minor details that would improve the experience:
- When scrolling between weeks, allowing partial scroll to stop on any day rather than forcing a skip to the entire new week
- Enabling keyboard shortcuts similar to ical (⌘+T for 'today', ⌘+1 for day view, ⌘+2 for week view etc)
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