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Undo Function
Hello Support Team,

I'll try to explaine my problem (sry, not native Speaker):
I delete sometimes text passages unintentionally in already created tasks.
Is there a function to abort the editing of tasks? Or is there an undo Button anywhere to bring the deleted text back?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

What is your platform? You can always log in to TickTick on the web and go to Trash to recover deleted tasks from there. We do have an undo function too, but it's only available within a few seconds after a task's been deleted.

thanks for answer. I'm using the Android App.

My problem isn't to recover deleted tasks.

For example: When i edit the text in an existing task, sometimes i delete to much of the task content (> Textpassages). In MS Word i will get my text back with the 'Undo-button' which i didn't find in the App.

In this case, I would like to abort/cancel the editing of the task, to get back the previous state of the task. Is there a function?

Best regards

We don't have such features at the moment. Will pass this feedback to the product team for some evaluation first. Thanks.
Please add an #Z Undo feature ala ToDOist. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally checked off an item/project as completed by mistake and has to locate Completed projects to Un-Check. This is the single most annoying thing about an otherwise great product I'm now using Daily. Thanks in advance!
i accidentally pressed back space key firmly it deleted all the text in particular task. it was some important information i can't bring it back.. i desperately need undo or no save change option
It just happened to me to. I accidentally blew out a bunch of information, and I can't get it back.
you guys are crazy to think this isn't important... please sort. people keep deleting information by mistake as there is no undo function. my entire team just left the app because of this and the horrific text formatting - bold function isn't usable and lack of colour coding means i cant copy lists from emails.
Yeah, I'm DONE with your app NOT having an undo option, having lost VALUABLE content. I'm seeking another app immediately. This is such a horrible failure on your part. This is the 21st century, folks. Catch up!!

Is there any reason there is no undo option? Not even for web app?
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