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Can't set timezones
Recently moved to different country with different timezone. So when I set a reminder to ring at 7pm it rings at 6pm. Any way to fix this?

Sorry for the inconvenience. We don't support setting timezone in the app. I'm afraid that you will need to manual recreate those tasks again in the new timezone.
It also applies to new tasks
Have you switched the timezone in your phone system?
Yes I have

Sorry for the late reply. We can't seem to reproduce this issue on our side. If you're in timezone 1 and set a reminder, then you moved to timezone 2. The reminder time will be affected. However, if you recreate a task with a reminder in timezone 2, the time should follow the new timezone. Unless you move back to timezone1 again. Could you please try again and let us if that's still not the case to you.
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