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Pomo timer countdown stuck at 12:27
My pomo timer countdown, which is set to 25 minutes, get stuck on 12:27 while the countdown continues in the background. I get a notification when it's time to relax. The same thing happens then as well. The countdown stops halfway at 2:30, while it continues in the background. It's frustrating that I can't keep track of it for 50% of the time.

Does anyone here have the same issue?

Please set up the following settings:
* Allow TickTick automatically start at boot and background.
* Set TickTick in Memory Optimized Whitelist.
* Under battery optimization, find TickTick then choose "Don’t optimize" or "No restrictions".
* If cleaning application when locking screen is set in the battery settings, please set TickTick in the not clean list.
* Lock TickTick in the system background. (Click the system "Square" virtual key when running TickTick, then click the "Lock" icon at the top-right corner on "TickTick" in system background to lock. Or you need to swipe down TickTick to lock on some devices).

Let us know if you still encounter issues afterwards.
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