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Sub list items reordering
I am unable to reliably drag sub list items to reorder them, once in a blue moon it works but normally nothing happens or the keyboard opens to edit the item.

I have been trying on the text of the sub item, on the little drag bar, and on the white space. Both hard and soft touches and holds.

iOS 12.0.1 iPhone XS

Did you mean drag&drop for tasks? Have you long pressed on the task before dragging?

Dragging and dropping tasks works fine, the issue is with sub tasks. I have tried pressing and holding for varying lengths of time but I still can’t reliable do it.
There's a small button on the right side of each subtask. Long press to hold and drag to move.

I that icon is what I have been pressing and holding on.

Maybe this video will help.

I get the same effect with and without the accessibility setting on, its just there to show you where I am touching.
It seems like you didn't hold it long enough. Once you press on the icon, you shall see the subtask float up and then you can start dragging it.
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