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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- "Day View" has now been added in the calendar feature
- New "Merge Tags" feature
- Choose to "keep tags in task name"

TickTick Team
For the last versions the app was not working on my pc. Now it does, so thanks, there was some improvement.

I would like very much to be able to take lots of tasks that are in overdue, select them and put them all in today. This is possible in the web version, but not in windows app, as I would like.

This version still doesn't know what my local date/time is, and my tasks are showing as past due when they aren't.

The calendar integration is showing wrong date. It says I have for today an event that will happen two days from now.
Can you make, please, what i add new task - to choose date not from big calendar, but also from "today" "tommorow""next week" shortcuts. Its so much faster.
it still does not work Apple Wacht App
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