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Disable daily "insirational" message
Hi there

How do you disable the daily message that briefly flashes up at the top of the screen when you start TickTick each day? I don't want this but can't find where it is set.


Sorry, this is a new feature that we made for users. It's cannot be turned off.
Ok, thanks for letting me know. This is not a feature I’m interested in as a user. If you want your app to be a contender for business use, I suggest you reconsider imposing this sort of thing on your customers without option.
I just logged in to report this myself. The daily "inspirational" message is really annoying. Please add an option to disable it. Thanks
Hi TickTick. Please, please allow users to disable this annoying "feature". It is unnecessary and the quotes are childish cliches. It adds nothing to the product whatsoever, just a daily annoyance. TickTick is now the subject of ridicule in a team that uses it (for now) because of this change.

We have made plans to change this feature in version 4.7.5.
Thank you very much - appreciate it!
Great that this is going to change.

Would also be great to be able to opt out of the Achievement Scores and completion reports. I have no need for this as a motivator to get work done. Likey useful for some so an option to opt out would be great.
I agree with you on that, too!
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