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features request for Search: sort by date, priority
Thanks for great app (web & Android).
When I search tasks on Web, I get tasks listed in apparently random order: not by date, not by priority.
I appreciate the Filters (esp. Uncompleted). Can you please add Sort features, same as in the "All Tasks" view: by list, time, title, tag & priority? Time & priority would be most important for me. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
Any update on this? It seems like such an easy improvement. This is such a huge issue for me. Also, why can't we sort by "custom" on tags? By default, I want everything to show me tasks sorted by when they were created.
Another question about search: how come when I search, the task that exactly meets what I searched for is not listed first? I can put in the exact task name I want to find but have to scroll through loads of other stuff?
I am facing the same issue. Need to sort on creation date. This was the main reason why I moved from another todo app. But stuck with the same issue here. Any help would be highly appreciated
Though I vote +1 on new sorting feature the app is great. I think a new sort by: creation time feature would make it even better.
Also sort by modified time (if you modify a task it jumps to top of the whole list) could be useful. Thanks if you can add these to the sort by menu.
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