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Is there a way to import iOS reminders without them being deleted from the reminders app?

Sorry, we do not support this function at the moment.
Are there plans to do so? More for others than me, it also deletes what they have shared with you on their phones. Share with people who do not want a third party app.
Any chance this will become an option?
I came to this site in order to find the answer to this very question! I really wish you guys would implement this feature to not delete the task created in the Reminders app. I know that it is possible because I have seen it in other apps. Thank you
Settings - Advanced Settings - Import from Reminders - Import only. :)
***the above only works on the first sync, unless I’m really missing something. Using iOS as example, if you are sharing with a person who uses reminders TickTick will delete across all devices once it moves from your reminders to TickTick. Would like it so this does not happen.

We are working on some improvements now.
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