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IFTTT Integration
Would love to be able to work with my lists with Alexa and IFTTT. Any plans??

We will consider supporting IFTTT in the future, but not in the short term. Sorry.
I really wish you all would reconsider this. We need more integrations such as IFTTT, Slack, Zapier and more. That would really sell it to my firm to migrate over to ticktick. Unfortunately, due to these limitations, they won't. :(
From what I see TickTick has a Zapier integration. I am used to IFTTT but am happy to use Zapier it seems to do the same thing as IFTTT. ACtually Zapier is more flexible. In IFTTT, you only have one trigger and one action. In Zapier, it is possible to have multiple steps including actions, conditions and delays.
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