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Add new event to calendar
Is it possible to add new event to calendar from ticktick? I payed premium access, but I not found this possible. Just exist calendar event edit what I found.
When in Calendar view, tap and hold on the day (or even time) to add new task. New window will pop up.
I think Schmidt wants to add an event to his native iOS calendar. As far as I'm concerned, this is not currently possible.
Yes I want add new event to calendar from ticktick not a task. It would be good if I can use one app for both.

This function is available for your iCal only at the moment. Not for other third-party calendars. Do you not sure about how to use it with iCal or you wish there's another third-party calendar support?
I don't know iCal. iCal means native iOS Calendar app?
I use native calendar app on iPhone, not 3rd party. Just I think as always exist calendar event I can edit (with native calendar form) from ticktick so I think it is possible to add function: new event to calendar from ticktick.
Go to your Local Calendars from the left side bar - Tap "+" button to create a new event.
Thank you! Strange place for a new event... Why not possible to select this at new task create?
I agree with Adrian Schmidt. It makes more sense that the add button “+” would allow you to select TASK or EVENT. Apps like “Sorted3” already have this intuitively.

Currently “+” button only creates tasks, not events. :(
Is that a Premium only feature? I don’t have a + on the left sidebar of my iOS app (iPad). When I go to local calendars it just lets me show, hide or show in calendar.
I finally figured this out. Agree it’s kind of hidden and hardly obvious. Just started using TickTick. Longtime ToDoist user. There’s a lot to like here and the calendar integration, while it needs work, is super compelling.
Yes, it would be great to have the option of adding the task to the calendar manually. Currently, you can do it by list, but you may not want all the tasks in a list cluttering up the calendar. It would also be great to link it to a smart list so it could be done by high priority tasks, for example.
I agree that it would be good to add a calendar event from the calendar view... is this in the works??
I really need this feature to add events to calendar not tasks in calendar view.
Great to be able to add event from the Ticktick app!!!
Hope to see this feature in the near update!
+1 to this feature
+1, allow users to create events from the calendar tab!
+1 .. for adding events in google calendar from the calendar tab .
Why is this not a feature?
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll bring it up to the product team for further evaluation.
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