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Any plan to create the ability to estimate how long a task will take?
I know there is currently a "duration" option, but that's not actually suggesting the amount of time the task might take, it's suggesting when to schedule it!
You can choose your own "duration" of the task in the duration feature - short as 1 minute. But yes, the task has to be scheduled first.

You can also have "Estimated pomo" for a task. So when you set up your one pomo to be 25 minutes, you can add 2 pomos to your task so you'll know it should take you 50 minutes (plus breaks). This information is visible.

You can also set up your own tags - 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours and simply tag your task with wanted duration.
Love these solutions, Richard - thanks!
No problem!

I think the Pomo method is quite nifty. It's also a nice way of using the Pomo feature, so you can see your most focused hours, and how much time have you "wasted" on particular days.

The "tag" feature is good when you want to sort your tasks by length - "Hmm, I wonder how many short 30 minutes tasks I have to do today".

But maybe someone from devs will answer if they are thinking about adding "estimated time" feature as well. It for sure is a nice suggestion.

Time estimate is probably the only feature I am missing in TickTick.

I like it how Nozbe displays at the bottom of each view the "total estimate" for time. This is very beneficial while planning your day and assigning a time estimate for each one of your tasks under the smart list you're looking at. It will help realize whether you've picked way too much (or too little) to work on for the day, and helps you postpone or reschedule some of the tasks according to your estimate.
Oh my goodness Wassim that is such a good point -- scheduling out my day would be much more realistic if I had estimates for each task that then added up to a total estimate for time!
"Time needed" feature? Yep, that's quite neat in Nozbe.

Until - and if - is something like that implemented, nice trick is to simply add duration to tasks, turn off reminders and see how much your day is full visually in calendar view for one day.
Richard buddy thanks for the tip but I am TERRIBLE at "Time Boxing".

I understand how important the calendar is, but only my meetings go into it. Every day is different for me. Some days I would work mornings, others I'm off until noon or as crazy as this may sounds, afternoon.

It's funny how every one of us is different in the way they approach their work. Makes me feel pity for TickTick devs while everyone needs the app to adapt to their personal needs & vision. Though some of the ideas are absolutely beneficial for the majority of people. A good example was the Pomodoro feature. I was never really able to stick to it. This technique is absolutely not for me. What is more important to me is "Time Tracking" where time is logged whether I've worked 5 minutes on a task, or a couple of hours. This is why I use a separate time management app (currently Toggl) to help me understand how my time was spent on a given day and how to improve for the future. However the presence of the Pomodoro feature inside of the app doesn't really bother me even as someone who doesn't use it. I like how TickTick gives us a great deal of customization so we can make it match our preferences.
I just discovered TickTick recently and I love it! When I first saw the duration feature, I thought it was just for setting a duration, not scheduling. I can schedule tasks with my calendar, but it would be nice to just guess how long a task will take. For example, if I have 3 tasks that need to be done this weekend, I usually don't care when they're done, just that they're done. It feels like overkill for me to set a timeslot for something like "clean house". And if I did need a timeslot, I would use my calendar.
I agree with everyone! I would LOVE TickTick to add the same time estimating feature that Nozbe has. This is so important to me so that I don't over commit myself with projects. I use TickTick and love it, but I was always trying to use a spreadsheet as well to estimate my time for projects through the day, week and month. Once I found out Nozbe had that function, I started using it side by side to compare products. In my opinion, TickTick is better in every way, with the only exception being the ability to estimate time to each task. Please please work on adding this feature! Thank you!
Agreed -- not every task needs estimates, but adding those to the longer ones would be super helpful.
I agree with all of the above :) Could really use a "time needed" feature -- would drastically reduce my tendency to attempt to stuff too many to-do list items into my day!
+ duration without start and end
+1 Yes please! Duration was one of the key reasons why I choose TickTick but it was scheduling so would love to have one not based on a specific time but just by length.
And we can easily shift it around in the calendar.

Please work on adding this! Thank you :)
Yes please! +1 Thanks
+1, devs please!
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