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Problem with picture attachments (version 2402)
I have encountered a problem with Desktop Version.
If I try, attach a picture to task by copy/paste, the picture seems to be uploaded but it only appears as an empty rectangle.

And its size (156 KB) the same as source picture but it doesn’t show image anymore. Even if I download it.
That problem doesn't reproduce on the web version, everything uploads normally.
The problem appears only on the desktop version.
I like to create tasks and conduct them with a screenshot (by snipping proper area and paste to a task) but that feature doesn’t work. I tried on different PCs.
I have already reported to support but still has no answer.
Could you please reproduce it on your environment?
Thank you.

What tool/app did you use to take the screenshots?
I founded out that it doesn't reproduce with default windows screenshot button, but has a place with a custom tool, Greenshot, for instance, although they both use the same default clipboard and I can paste Greenshot's screens into other apps with no problems.
Do you have any ideas about that?
Maybe you could install Greenshot in your lab environment and try to reproduce that?
Thank you.

Thanks for the info. Devs will look into it soon.
Hi guys.

More than one year passed and I still use TickTick as my main app. Thank you.
But I still have the issue.

Currently, if I attach a screenshot via the Windows app it's being shown well.
It successfully syncs to the cloud and I can view it via a web browser.

But if I try to view it on my iPhone, it only shows be black screen instead of the picture.
If I make a screenshot using the default Windows snipping tool, it works OK.
The issue appears when a screenshot was made using Greenshot.

Do you have any suggestions on why it happens?
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