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Web - Operation Failed Please Try Again Later
I am receiving the error "Operation Failed Please Try Again Later" every time I try to change lists, add a new task, etc in Chrome on Windows 10 It worked fine until yesterday. IE attempts state that ticktick is not responding. Android, iOS are both working fine. What up?

Please enter TickTick - right click - Inspect-> Network, screenshot the page and send it to with your case.

In the meantime, you may try to re-sign in to TickTick and that shall help.
I've had the same problem for months.
I use TickTick in the Chrome Browser under Windows 10.

Every time I communicate with the server I get the message "Operation failed. Please try again later".
I already tried to re-sign and empty the cache, but without success.

Can someone please help me?
Hey Matthias,

How does it work when logging in the incognito mode or switching a browser?

If the issue persists, could you right-click the mouse > Inspect > Network > select "Disable Cache", see if that helps?

I tried everything, but nothing helped.
I tried it in the current Chrome and Firefox and also disabled the cache, but every time the page updates, I get the error message "Operation failed. Please try again later"

I'm desperate, can anyone help me?
As far as I can see, this has an errror on repeating tasks that have a custom repeat.
Tasks that should only be displayed from Monday to Friday will be created for the same day in the next week and not for the next day.

I would be really happy if someone could help me.
Hey Matthias,

Could you please screenshot us your repeating settings. Does the issue you mentioned above can be reproduced? Is it happening intermittently or all the time?
Hi Carol,

I just sent a mail to with a screenshot.

Please contact me when you have solved the problem or have a solution for my problem.
Hi Carol,

the bug is now fixed.

I don't know exactly when the bug is gone, it was there until recently, but today it doesn't show up anymore.

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