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Invoice required
I've need an invoice for Pro Plan. I sent a request with all the data required to but I haven't got any response. Could you please check the mail and sent me the answer?
Best regards, Waldek
Premium subscription is achieved through PayPal, Google Play or App Store (AFAIK). Invoices are in the service you bought it from.

iOS and Mac:
Surely not. They are only payment operators not the service provider. There can be seen a list of transactions but the invoice has to be provided by the service provider itself. Moreover that's exactly like I got my previous invoices for the licence subscription.
I am pretty sure I am looking at my own invoice in PayPal right now. The same for my LastPass subscription through Google Play - it's even called invoice.
You have my attention. But I am a litlle pesymistic. Where can you see an invoice in PayPal? I am not able to find any such option either in menu or transaction options. I see only the transaction list in best case with details. But no invoice or similar option. As I read in your link for PayPal it depends on the service provider/merchant?
I have the same issue. Paypal does not provide invoices. It's a payment supplier, like VISA and Mastercard, NOT a service provider. Under Australia Tax Laws the service provider is obliged to provide a tax invoice.
I'm writing this as a BIG WARNING SIGN for anybody who hopes to get an invoice for TickTick subscription:

it's been over a month since I bought a yearly subscription and requested an invoice. I still haven't received it, despite NUMEROUS reminders at Raising the issue here in help center (in a dedicated thread) didn't help as well.

Beware, TickTick users!
#meToo for now 7 months and still counting... app is great, but support doesn't exist
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