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Tag update broke subtask tags
Since the new tag update the tag "lists" no longer work on my subtasks. Now when I go to look at a "list" of my tags (e.g. #buy), any subtasks I had set with the tag #buy no longer show up (only the main/parent tasks with that tag). I also noticed when adding a new subtask with a tag it removes it from that subtask and adds it to the parent task, why? I don't want the parent task showing up in my #buy list, I want that specific item/task to show. Why push the new tag system if it broke previously used functionality?

Sorry for the bad experience. We are still evaluating user feedbacks on the new tag feature. Will definitely improve it in future updates.
Thanks for the quick response. I do like aspects of the update but breaking existing functionality is a deal-breaker. Any idea of a timeline on when we can expect to see updates pushed live?
We don't have an ETA yet. Product team are still trying to generate/evaluate as many feedbacks as they could at the moment.
I have the same trouble.
Same problem. Would like it to work
Same trouble here. Would make it a lot easier would be the logical thing to do
Any more info on this please, makes sub tasks fairly pointless in my system
+1 !!!
+ 100
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