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Search on Russian is case-sensitive (iOs)

Thanks for fixing issue with russian search (

After fixing this issue in release 4.4.02 - search on Russian begins to work,
but unfortunately search is case-sensitive,
for example:
keyword "зуб" find records with "зуб", but don't find records with "Зуб"

I'll send screenshots to


Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send the screenshot through and we'll look into it soon.

I sent screenshot,
and received e-mail "we'll transfer suggestion to our product team for further evaluation".

But i think, that "case-sensitive search" - it is not my suggestion to improve ticktick,
it's bug. (in web version serach is case-insensitive and works fine)

Adding my vote for this issue.

A simple test.
1) Searching for `Посмотреть` (with the 1st letter in Uppercase), locates the task correctly:
2) Searching for `посмотреть` (with the 1st letter in lowercase) does not locate that same task (bit locates other asks where this word is in lowercase):

As a developer, I'm pretty sure that the fix should be as simple as changing from "ordinal" to "invariant culture" case insensitive search.

For example (Swift), you could use this function for comparison:
instead of
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