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Kanban Boards
Feature request to provide Kanban Boards view , much like the Calendar view that is available today. Users will be able to see move tasks between at least three buckets (Do, Doing, Done), and filter tasks by list. Thank you.

To support kanban feature is not in our current plan. Sorry.
Would like this as well. To see lists side-by-side and move task between lists would complete this tool.
Hello, I vote for this, could by a great feature.
Kanban is the only thing missing for me to be my one and only tool..
It's been scheduled. :)
+1 for
do you have a date to release this feature
Not yet. Devs are working on it at the moment.
Hey, I too vote for Kanban Boards. Its introduction would greatly enhance the usability of TickTick.
It’s been scheduled? Great news, thanks!
I am not sure how this feature is being implemented but one suggestion could be to allow users to create their own custom buckets for a given list. For example I follow Demming’s PDCA Cyle for each task and hence use tags like #plan, #do, #check, #act to work through each task in my list, so I would like to use 4 buckets. Someone else might just need three buckets like Do, Doing, Done.
-15 Kanban Boards

If you want a Kanban Board, go use Trello.
-15 Kanban Boards

If you want a Kanban Board, go use Trello.
Don’t know about you but TickTick is so much better at task management and overview. I use Trello for stuff, but not for the things I have in TickTick. However, there are certainly use cases where a Kanban-view would help me. Note; a view, this is in no way a petition to force a Kanban board on everyone.
basically it can be just another VIEW!

A #tag can be a column of the Kanban board. If the task has multiple tags, 1 would be considered the main tag that determine the name of the column.
Then, if you move the tasks around among the Kanban board, ticktick will automatically add/remove the tag from the task.

It's the same concept but with a different view!
It’s a waste of time for the team, they should focus on refining what they currently have and making sure there is complete feature parity before building marginally useful features like Kanban.
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