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Wondering do you have the ability to search comments on your features list.

I use the comments section to jot down quick notes about a task because of the time stamp feature. however text in the comments section are not searchable by the app

Unfortunately, this function is not available at the moment. We will consider to implement it in the future. Thanks.
I would find this extremely useful as I too use comments for the time stamps.

Two other things that would be great as well are:

the option to edit time stamps (for when I add comments that I’ve missed adding for a few days)

and the ability to export the comments with the current export to text option. (This is really useful for archiving projects.)

I echo everything said here about searching & editing comments, would be a great improvement. I utilize comments with time stamps to manage longer projects, being able to search rather than read the whole comment string would be awesome.
+1 for searching comments!! :)
We will consider supporting this feature in future updates.
+1 -> todoist can do this, I'm quite used to it tbh

also, searching for list names would be very useful, especially when you have a lot of lists
The original request is well over a year ago so I guess this is not a priority feature for the developers... But as the others have mentioned this will be a very useful feature!
please do this - this will be very very very good!
any indication to when you can achieve this by?
1 for searching comments!! :)
+1 plz
Searching comments is important! +1
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