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Integration with Spark mail app?
Please consider working on this. Spark is integrated with competitors such as Todoist.

Thanks for the feedback. We will need to evaluate it first.
Any updates on this? :)
I would love this too! Spark is so much better than Apple mail and I use it multiple times a day!
+1 agreed
I agree! Now that I have Spark I won't use any other email app on my Apple devices. Please consider this integration soon!
Spark has just updated that it is now integrated with Todoist, omnifocus, wunderlist, 2do, things.... why not ticktick? I think ticktick is way better app than those
Would love to see this!
What you talking about Willis??? My Spark email works fine with Tick Tick??? Just hit the up arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then the next screen hit more. Then pick TICK TICK app. You can then enter a due date, time, and project. BOOM done. Now if you have any attachments they will not be attached to the task. if you need the attachment just forward the email to your tick tick email address. Easy breeeeeezy.
Sorry, thought this was an ios2 question. I dont use TICK TICK on a Mac
I would love this.
Yes! I agree fully! Do it.
Yes! I agree. This would be amazing!
Agree!!!! Spark integration would be very helpful!
+1. Agreed!
please pretty please
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