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Simultaneous viewing of multiple TickTick accounts
I have two TickTick accounts: Personal and work. I would like to have them both open at the same time. Is this possible? I can't seem to open one if the other is open. If my personal TT is open and I try open an second window or tab and go to it automatically opens a new instance of my personal account.

Sorry, we do not support to manage two different TickTick accounts at the same time.
This really would be perfect! I now use a different todo list app just for this reason :(
I also use two apps for this reason. Todoist and Ticktick. Would prefer one app all my todos, but I want my tasks separete.
Any new updates on this? :) Thinking of getting a pro Todoist for this reason, just to seperate my tasks.
I need this, too. Would it work if you bought a pro account for each account and then opened them in separate chrome browser sessions? Meaning you are signed into one chrome browser session with personal account and the other with work account. Not sure how that would work on the mobile devices.
Make it like SLACK where you can just change between accounts, OR better yet allow people to have 2 complete separate work spaces in the same account.
+1 for this... I really need to be able to flip between two accounts
Were gonna have to find another app to go with if you can't make it to where i can flip through the two accounts
Can you not just separate your tasks? Tags can help with that!
Separate accouns would really be an solution! Tags dont resolve this issue as I just want to see all my personal tasks and dont want to switch between tags.
Why is it more of a pain to switch tags or lists than to set up and view two entirely separate accounts?
The calendar view becomes useless if you try to separate two accounts via tags. Two accounts, personal and professional, would be absolutely amazing. Not certain why they would not support creating this as it's double the payment from a customer.
+1 for that!
+1! I’ve wanted this for years! I’ve been using a different app for work so I can easily jump between work and personal on my phone.

(PS - I did sign up for a trial ticktick account for work that I will be cancelling since it’s as difficult to switch as I imagined it would be)
Any update from the TickTick development team on this? I also want to add that i think your app is much better than the Todoist but i agree with the others that it really isn't great having 2 different apps for task.
+1 I met the TT today and just missed it :(
+1 While on work, I want to focus on my work's tasks, and not beeing disturbed by personal ones.
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