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iCal Integration
I recently got TickTick premium. I am trying to figure out how to add my iCal calendars to my TickTick account. I chose the "make public" setting for my calendar in iCal and copied the link from there. However, it says invalid URL. Here's a test calendar I made: webcal://

Perhaps you can help me figure out why this is not working?

(PS - on my iPhone app, I was able to have it import my local calendar... does this then not get shared across devices? Thanks)

Mac app does not support this function at the moment. You may use the iOS app to subscribe to third calendar and the data will sync across all platforms.

I have (almost) the same issue.
I have subscribed to my Google (Google Apps) calendar and calendar events appear on my iPhone, iPad and in the web version, but not in the macOS version:
(calendar event "Батут 12:00" is missing for "Tomorrow" - Sun Jan 28).

As I understand from your post, if I have subscribed to a calendar from web or iOS, the calendar should still show on my Mac - right?

Tried to log in / out, resubscribe calendar from the web, "clear abnormal data".
Any clues?

Mac app does not support subscribe cal now. We will implement this function to the mac app in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.
is this fixed now?
Hi! I am facing similar issue. I am a premium subscriber on ticktick. The task or Calendar updates I mark on ticktick does not flow to my google calendar which I use on phone or Ipad. Can this (2 way) sync is fixed? Is there a way to do so, even if sync has latency?
When will the link between ios calendar for mac and Tick Tick be ok?
many thanks
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