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Synchronization with Google calendar
I have added the provided URL to my Google Calendar but Ticktick tasks do not appear anymore. on the other side, a warning icon appears near my profil name in ticktick in google app : may I find a related warning message somewhere ? maybe linked to the fact that I can't upload the last version of chrome extension ?
thanks in advance for your help


Did you receive the warning message in TickTick? If so, you will need to verify your email in TickTick in order to complete the subscription.(Settings->profile)

done and no warning message anymore but ticktieck entries still not appear in moy google agenda....
I need a real time sync with Google Calendar. Please get this done asap.

Subscribing to Google Calendar in TickTick is real-time sync (you may also use the manual sync to keep it as fast as you want). If you meant the subscription in Google, I'm afraid we can't help with that. The sync speed is not controlled by us.
It seems TickTick team has added Google Calendar 2 way sync
For me it works well.
Testing now...

From the changelog:
Google Calendar two-way sync is available! You can edit the Google Calendar event in TickTick now.
- Task Template feature is rolled out here. You can save a list of routine tasks as templates, such as your meeting agenda, baggage list, etc.
- Add a task completion sound, you can hear a clear and melodics sound when you complete the task.
Two-way sync is available BUT only one way. You can edit a google calendar event in Tick Tick and it updates in real time. Including on Google Calendar

BUT you cannot edit a Tick Tick event in Tick Tick and have it update in Google Calendar in real time

In other words, you can use TT's calendar but not GC's calendar in real time.

So this is ok if you want to replace your Google Calendar with Tick Tick but I do not want to do that, and I presume most people don't want to do that. GC is ubiquitous. It's the Interstate. And TT is a surface street that should feed into GC, not the other way around. Just my 2 cents
One of my tasks is listed twice on my tasks list, once with an empty checkbox and once with a symbol, which looks like a silhouette of a megaphone on its side with a few bands decorating it.

A second task that I thought I had removed has the same symbol.

I am unable to remove either of these items with this symbol.

I will gladly send jpegs or pdfs of these views if that would help solve this problem

Follow the steps bellow for an instant sync:

1 - Remove ticktick agenda from Google Calendar;
2 - Remove ticktick agenda URL at ticktick settings;
3 - Generate another ticktick agenda URL;
4 - Create a new agenda at Google Calendar with the new URL.
incredible it works wonderfully,
synchronization in both directions in 3 seconds,

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