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Emoji List Icons
It would be nice if you guys could update iOS app, so that instead of having those three lines before our list names, we can have just emojis.

This feature is currently present on web version of TickTick.

And on Android & Windows as well, please.

Support Emoji icons for all platforms is already in our plan. Thanks.
Hi, where can I change the list icon?
Swipe the list to the left at the left side bar->edit.
Swipe left on ios and there is no option to add an emoji. Only change colour
@ScottSunderland that's true.

But I found workaround: just find your favorite emoji anywhere in web or other app, then copy it as normal text and paste before your list name.

Tested in iOS app and web app.

It looks like icons works as any other text character - you can paste them wherever you want.
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