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Statistics problem
Am I the only one that sees a problem with the statistics feature in IOS? It’s been a problem for awhile and not seeing anyone else bring it up. I completed 21 tasks today and under recently completed for today it only shows 3 tasks completed. Again, this has been an ongoing issue for me which actually forced me to go back to todoist. Can someone at least confirm that there is a known problem that is being worked on?

Could you log in on the web and double check whether it's correct on that platform? Did you accidentally delete any tasks?
It was wrong on web and in the apps. It seems as if at a particular time of the day, completed tasks were being put on the next day. Are your servers in the US or overseas? Is there a setting to check the time zone perhaps? I live in the central time zone and my phone is set for central (IOS). No reports of this from other users?
I just completed a task at 9 pm central on dec 10th and it didn’t show up in the stats on the 10th....but given previous tests, it will show up tomorrow on the 11th(which I can’t see right now)
Ok, showed up on the 11th on the web, but doesn’t show up at all as of yet on the iOS app, since it isn’t the 11th yet....
Any update on this?
Tried again...I complete a task on Tuesday, 12/26/2017 at 8:45 pm central time and it shows for Wednesday dec 27th under statistics on both the web and IOS. I can't be the only one with this problem...any update?
Still no response....after more looking into this, seems like your server is set for UTC-2 and I'm in UTC-6 (Central). Every day after 8pm, tasks that are completed are placed as completed on the next day. Not even saying this is a problem, just need verification that that is the case. If is is fixable, would appreciate it. But if that is something that can't be fixed or not even a problem, please let me know.

Sorry for the troubles. We've been trying to figure out a better solution to how it functions now, but i'm afraid the server works for the statistics function is based on standard time, in which it could cause the incorrect data for particular users. We will continue looking into it and see if we can improve it in the future.
Any update on this? I am also having this problem
Would love an update on this, I’m GMT+10 so the statistics are quite off for me. I eventually want to upgrade to premium especially for the historical stats but it seems like there’s no point until this is fixed because they’ll be so inaccurate for me.
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