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TickTick is not in Mac Share menu in Safari
TickTick is not showing up in my Mac Share Menu. Am I missing something? I see it in "Today" in notifications but not in the share menu so when I am using Safari the only way to get a link into TickTick is via email.

Macos app does not support sharing function at the moment. We will implement it soon in the future.
Great to see you're working on it. Can't wait to have this available on Mac as it's already available on iOS.
<double post removed>
Yes, This is a must have feature for me to use this. It's the only feature from keeping me using this great app and going pro on it.
Looking forward to this feature as well!
When will you implement this feature, its been a while :)

Could you specify your request? Sharing function on the mac app has been released long ago.
How do we share an url link of specific task via iPhone/ iPad safari and Android mobile device to others?

Pls help. Thank you so much !
@oilexxxi. Can you clarrify How the share capability is activated or fixed on mac. On my Macbook the Share Menu preference does not have an entry for TickTick.
Sorry for the confusion. I meant for the sharing/collaboration function in the app, not the system share menu. You can use Right click - Service - Add to TickTick. We don't have a direct support at the moment.
Right click - Service - Add to TickTick works mostly, but no details are added to task, just the date.
Please add share sheet (the icon with the little box with the up arrow) support on the Mac so that we can add things to TickTick from all our apps.
And......deleted the app. How you can build a note app and not have sharing functionality baked in. Boggles the mind. Will search for something a little more professional.
OK, this is old and still not working. This may be the final push to switch to the competition!
+1... please!!!
+1 pretty please!!!
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