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Pomodoro timer?

I noticed the latest iOS update includes a Pomodoro timer. When will this come to web or the Mac app please?

Thank you.

We will consider of implementing it on the web service in the future. Thanks.
Totally agree here. I'd bet that most clamoring for the Pomodoro timer are in an office environment and would find it the most useful in the browser.
Thanks for creating this for the mobile phone. I'd love to see this on the web app much more, as I tend to do work on my computer rather than my phone.
Completely agree as well. The timer is one of the key features that would keep me using the app and not going to other apps like Todoist or Things3.
+1 on the above! Pomodoro would be much more useful to me on desktop (and would allow me to delete the other app I currently use for that function in conjunction with my list). Please and thanks!
Working on it.
+1, I want this on my work PC so that I don't have to put an iPad next to it :P
Hi guys! Do you know at least the rough date when this feature will become available on the web version?
+1!! I've got people staring at the Pomo going on my phone next to my laptop looking at me like - "Oh...Sh*t..whats he going to do when that gets to zero!?" - Which if I'm honest is defeating the point, because that's distracting!

+1 Really like to see this feature as well! Any time frame? :)
Looks like this thread got doubled up..glad to see it coming soon though!
Good news! Can't wait to try it!
Any updates when we may see this on web or desk top versions? I also would primarily use it on my non-mobile platforms.
+1 really looking forward to this.
+1 This would be amazing!
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