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Someone recently replied to a comment I made on their task, but I received no notification of this response. Do they have to tag me in the comment for me to receive notifications of new comments? I would like to receive notification of ALL comments on shared tasks!

The owner of a shared task will not receive notifications once the task's been assigned. We will improve this function in the future. Thanks.
This is a very important improvement. When to expect?
In our plan, not in a short term.
That's disappointing. But thanks for your honesty.
I completely agree with Kerim. The restriction is strange and severe at the same time. I'd really like to use comments heavily, but can't because notification don't reach me
Agree. Not getting notifications really neglects the whole purpose of collaboration
Agreed! This is a major disappointment. I don't know if we can continue using TickTick if there's no push notifications for comments in a shared task.
Is there any improvement in this question? When is it possible? @Lexi Fan ?? Thanks :)
+1 on this. Come on!
+1 please...
You can @ someone in a comment and he/she will receive a notification.
+1 please!
I hope I can choose the setting of receive notifications whether with @someone or without.
+1 please!
@ is slow, list of users will be much better.
That's the only thing that prevents me from upgrading to Pro actually. Very appreciated
+1 for notification on comments.
In fairness it's only been two years.
Hello! I really love this app and i have it both on my phone and on my laptop (as a chrome extension)
The notifications on my phone work really well. Absolutely no problem with that.
The problem is with the online version on my laptop. It does not notify me (i mean it does on the screen. But there's no notification sound as such because i'll not be looking at my screen all the time when i'm working)
I couldn't find an option in the settings to change the notification alert sound or anything. There's just an option to set the time of notification and nothing about the sound.
Please look into this!
Two years ago, I give up tick tick because of comments...
I been back! Please put a notice system in the comments.
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