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Pomodoro feature feedback
Just download TickTick 4.0 Beta for Android. First of all i want to thank you guys for early acess to this awesome feature!

Now about what can be improved:
- add ability to filter tasks during pomodoro by smart lists;
- add ability to select subtasks;
- add ability to sort tasks by priority, date etc.

Thanks for your feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
TickTick is now officially THE MOST POWERFUL todo list app in the modern era thanks for the recent updates. Thanks guys.

I have three questions.
A) Is this coming to the web?
B) Can we see the pomodoros counter from the task list without having to go inside of the task detail to know this information.
C) Can you please add the ability to start pomodoro with Swipes? Like we can configure the swipes to change list, priorities, date, etc... It will be great if I can swipe to start a pomodoro with the task I swiped on selected automatically.

Thanks a lot again.

Best regards,
Thanks Wassim. Will evalute your ideas soon.
Okay trying it now.

1) It would be nice if we can swipe tasks to turn on pomo.
2) Is there a way to see how much time was spent on per project via pomodoro time?
3) Change background colors for pomodoro page?
4) Can we also get more statistics for the pomodoros we do?(I want to know see how many hours I did today, yesterday, etc so I know if I am doing enough per day).

Aside from that, this addition is a solid A+. I like how you can switch tasks/select tasks in pomo mode.
Hi, I was researching this technique and it says that the ticktick sound is important. Could you add it as a feature with the ability to select a ticking sound, volume and also turn it off if you don't want it. I was testing another app and they had two to choose from. One was a single tick like a wall clock and the other was... hard to describe, more of a continuous sound. I like the continuous sound, the single tick drives me crazy.

How can we see how many pomos have been used on a task?
@Hannah Mernana

Tap on the task and it will show you how many pomos have been used. There's a little tomato with numbers.
Is there somewhere where all of the task related pomo stats are listed/displayed? If not, I would LOVE that feature to be integrated into the app ;)

Also - just want to say that I am really digging all the new updates! You guys are really taking a great app to the next level.
We can estimate pomodoro's from the Android app, but how do we estimate them on the Mac desktop app? I'd really love to be able to do that, but there doesn't seem to be a way. Estimating the pomodoro's really is an important part of the method. Thanks!

I'm a pro user and I love the app... Just really want a few extra features. Thanks!
Is there a way to reset the number of completed pomodoros every day? For example I am set up for a 20min long break every four completed pomodoros. If I complete 7 pomodoros on Monday after the first completed pomodoro on Tuesday I am prompted to take the long 20min break when in reality it is a new day and the count should reset to zero. Any assitance with this would be greatly appreciated.

This is my only minor issue, otherwise TickTick has been a wonderful app that I have been using for years across multiple platforms (android, mac desktop, windows desktop, chrome extention) to run my life. Thanks for the great work and the awesome recent updates!
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