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Photos not syncing
I use an android phone and tablet, and a chromebook. I have a lot of pictures in my tasks, they used to sync seamlessly (one of my favorite things about Tick Tick). I have found it to be really unreliable lately, many just show box where the pictures used to be. It is super important that this works. I'm open to any thoughts. Thanks!
A quick thought... Where are the photos stored? I'm not to worried about privacy, I just hope to have access to my completed projects for many years to come. As much as I love Tick Tick, maybe I'm using the wrong app?

We are looking into this issue now. Did you mean "chromebook" by the web service or chrome app? We don't maintain chrome app anymore and that might cause the failure of syncing. You can use the web service or chrome extension for better service with us.
Web service
I really want this to work. Your app is great! The best I've found, but if my guys don't know what to do when they get to a job, because they don't have the pictures, I can't use it. I had the same issue with GNotes, which I loved, but can't use.

Did you upload the photos from web or Andriod app?
Android app... They were either taken within the app or imported in through Google Keep. They were properly imported and were showing up on the other devices, then disappeared. The boxes are still there, they are either blank or show a broken link symbol. The text does not seem to have been effected and is syncing fine.

Could you please try to upload photos from web and see if it works that way? How many photos have you been uploading per day (we have a limit of 99 per day)?
Definitely not more than 99... They are photos taken on my phone, or are a part of a Google Keep note that is shared with Tick Tick. They load just fine, then they randomly disappear from all or some of the devices, and the web service, it could be a week or a month later.

Did you try to upload attachments from the web? Did they disappear again on Andriod? Could you provide some screenshots of this whole case (task without attachment, totally gone or just not clickable attachment) to We will look into it for you soon.
No... They are pictures taken on the phone from within Tick Tick, or shared notes from Google Keep. I sent you a screenshot. Thanks
I had the same thing happen to me in GNotes, that's why I switched to Keep. All of a sudden pictures would disappear, like they weren't on the server anymore, or the app couldn't find them?
Was the solution ever found? It looks as thought the discussion just ended abruptly with no fix or update to the situation.

I have the same thing happening, added a photo attachment via Android using "camera" option. Pic shows just fine on Android app, but only shows a box when viewed via web service. Tried to add a different photo as attachment to same event via web service, and it syncs just fine over to app. First pic added via app still shows as an attachment with a broken link, it continues to show a blank box when selected, and will not download. Attempting to download nets a white page with the following script:{"errorId":"2wy480yg@tw6","errorCode":"file_not_upload","errorMessage":"file_not_upload","data":null}
Hi there,

It is preliminarily estimated to do with the picture uploads failure to the server. Could you still recall if you enable Auto-upload using cellular data via Settings > General > Upload/Download Attachments on your Android device?
Thank you Xin! I was unaware of that setting! I just enabled both upload and download, and I imagine it will fix the problem. Will create a test task with attachment, check the results upon accessing web service this evening, and report back with an update.
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