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Support for projects
TickTick is great so far, but I believe it could benefit greatly form better support of "projects". I do not know the roadmap or vision of the company, but there seems to be a gap in the market for a to-do app that would tackle this well. The one that does it well is omnigroup (omnifocus) but that is iOS, MAC only.

I struggle in TickTick to follow GTD methodology as there is no clear tie in to a list of project and list of actions. Basically it is hard to see a next action on a different list (context lists) and to which project this links to. That means I am not aware if I have sufficient actions for each project.

I have tried 2 work around. Use tasks for project and subtask for next action in the project, plus add #tag as context. This does not work well as if I look at the #tags it shows whole project instead of the single subtask. This is also hinted at Feedback entry "Working with tags" by Ivan Kanalya.

I have also tried to link next action lists (contexts) with project lists by keywords, but that just makes big mess in the naming, and many times a typo creates redundancies.

Bottom line, i think it wold be win-win situation for TickTick and its users if there would be better handling of project. It seems to me that there is clear gap in the market, and based on researching 10+ task managers only OmniFocus handles this well, but is platform locked. There are more ways how to implement this and I am open to help with thinking out solution. Please have this on your radar, TickTick could make big leap in productivity apps.

Unfortunately, to support this function is not on our current list. Your feedback's been noted, will be reevaluated in the future.
Bottom line up front: I agree with OP.

I've tended to use a task as a "project" as a workaround, but then I have to leave the actual task undated and date individual subtasks, which is very annoying because that turns into notifications rather than simple start/due dates, so I'm constantly dismissing notifications that I don't need. It is also difficult to setup next actions (subtasks) that are dependent on current subtasks. I can give them a target date, but if I overshoot the original, I have extra tasks that I can't even do on my list. If I leave them undated, then I have to frequently check all of my projects for any lack of dated subtasks, or be extra diligent about dating a new subtask before completing an old one.
I have currently canceled my subscription to TickTick, as current development plan did not seem aligned with my productivity view (GTD). Summaries, pomodoro, smarlists are certainly not necessary.
Unfortunately, I support you. A lot of superfluous and there is no necessary. Who from Pro needs kitty?
Adding projects would be very helpful.
Please reconsider this functionality!
I am sure a lot of your customers agree! Greetings from Holland.
I think I'm neutral on this. When you urge a to-do app to adapt full project management, the question opens up a new frontier. First of all, there are many approaches in project management, etc GTD, Agile, SCRUM, RUP and more. How developers gonna decide on this? It is very difficult to create an ecosystem to suit all sort of project management frameworks. If you want to look for real full project management system for big team / complicated project, I think your scope is outside of TickTick, you should move on to software like Asana or Trello with add-on etc...

Like me, I don't use CRM software, I use TickTick as my CRM alongside with Google Sheet. That is because it is cheaper this way and we use Google Sheet to have our own algorithm to show things we want see and our CRM is not so complicated.

Long time ago, TickTick pinned a post where people share their personal ways of using TickTick. There was a guy who used it like project style very good. Can't recall very well. But I remember something like a folder serves as Backlog (pending task), then will move to corresponding folders, t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶a̶s̶k̶, Sorry can't really remember. But there is a workaround for him, especially he really make use the custom list very well.

Bottom line: If TickTick feature doesn't suit you, move on. If you can have a workaround, try it. If not, wait until TickTick implements project-like feature. (I hope this happens too!)

PM: If implement project-like feature, try agile with Kanban style & burndown chart. I love it. :p
For me, most of the requirements associated with projects in my personal life would be decided by adding 1-2 levels of nesting for subtasks.
I need to work on completing tasks on one device and sync this through to all the other devices. This seems not to happen even with the sync button. Help please!
I am fairly new to TickTick. I have tried several task managers like Wunderlist (Microsoft ToDo), Outlook Calendar and Action Items (setup like GTD), ToDoist a long time ago, others things like Microsoft Planner, Workboard, and one or two more. While it is not perfect for managing Projects like some other list managers, I am finding it works for my needs to hit milestones. The best feature for me is having a calendar and then able to subscribe to my work calendar and in my work calendar subscribe to my TickTick calendar. Not sure why, but it works much better for me then trying to do GTD like system within Outlook.

As far as getting alerts, when setting up a task, I make sure there a Reminder is not set. Then I don't get the constant alerts. Yes, I would like to see more project like features, but with groups (folders) list, task and sub-tasks, I can breakdown projects for my needs. I would ask that you would add the ability to create groups (folders) within groups. It would help with organizing better and not so long of a list along the left side.
You can add the possibility of sequential execution of subtasks. This will help to organize the order of the tasks in small projects
If TickTick provided Project within Project concept, I'd immediately buy it. I think this is the only remaining gap in TT for a purposeful task/goal tracker.
Make subtasks be real tasks

If I am correct the GTD concept of a project is just an open loop, something that needs more than one step. I have many simple open loops that do not need any advanced project management and certainly not Asana or trello. I would simple need to have real subtasks, that is subtasks with the same features of tasks.

Now in the tick tick model subtask is a questionable concept are they are not really task. Making a subtask be a task would fix all the problems mentioned hereTo limit the complexity the nesting of tasks could be milited to one, it would be enough for most cases I think.

Also modelling subtask as tasks you would avoid the risk of losing information when you convert a task into a subtask. I hope you can make a reflection on this.

Tick tick is amazing and it is such a pity to have this anomaly of subtasks that are not tasks!

I think the features are excellent. I do not see the need to create something to manage projects. I've used GTD and did not find my productivity increased. The tool in my opinion only needs to do three things: save everything I need to do, remind myself (when necessary) and show me what is most important and relevant.
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