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Smart Lists with DURATION
I paid for premium to be able to make the custom smart lists using a Start Date and a End Date. I like a list that shows all tasks where "Start Date" equals today or before - this shows me everything I should be working on - and it is easy to move a start date forward if my list gets too long without just moving the completion date.

Now that I am in the full version - it appears I can not do this. Does anyone know how to either
A: do this? or
B: get a refund?
Hello Jim,

Thanks for contacting us. We will implement this function in the future. Let us know if you have further questions.
I just did a search and found this post. I have made a similar one - the idea is that TickTick is missing the ability to use the Start Date field in several areas. It seems like it would be so simple to add, but we are still waiting. Users need:

1. create a custom smart list
2. shows items where START DATE is on or before today (currently only the DUE DATE is supported)
3. Assigned to me

I keep railing on this point, but Start Dates are the one of the most important features of TickTick. It's why I'm paying for it for me and my wife. BUT, it has to be supported everywhere in the app! Everywhere you see an option to set something based on a "due date" should also have a "start date" option.

Thank you to the devs for continuing to improve TT. Is there a timeline on when these critical features will be implemented?
EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I waited a full year. Got another subscription. And TickTick has not improved at all from a time management perspective. You still can not use start and end dates in Smart Lists. What good is a “Start Date” if there is no way to generate a list of all tasks that have started. This is basic time and list management. Seams like a minimum expected function to me. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. Will give the app a 2-star review - as it does have some functionality - it just seams frozen in time with non-responsive developers that promise and do not act.
Microsoft Outlook has this functionality in their task list feature. And it is about $7/month as part of Office 365 subscription that I believe gives you all the rest of the current office suite. That is probably the best way to go for a solid task manager. TickTick review dropping to 1 star.

We will re-evaluate this feedback soon.
I just became premium after having compared you Mac App and iOS iPad app with many other apps (Todoist, OmniFocus, etc)..... you are awesome guys..... the feature you offer, the UX/UI are impressive... keep doing it!!!....
back to my question and probably this topic:

I wanted to create a Smart List with custom start date and end date, for example:

-only tasks for the Next Month (not the current)
-only tasks between a certain date range

any roadmap for having this feature implemented?
I'm also interested in this feature. It's a little disheartening to see the lack of response from developers.
I am also interested in this feature. I really need it if I'm going to use this system.
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