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Cannot disable Notifications on Lockscreen
First of all, I have to mention that I love your application, both Web and Android version. It is the best ToDo app I have ever used and because it is so pleasant to use, it is currently helping me to change my life to better.

I am thinking about subscription but there is one thing that is bothering me and is crucial for me - notifications on lockscreen. I like the way Ticktick custom notification looks (in contrast with classic android notifications) and that you can postpone the tasks so fast but it makes a problem on the Lockscreen. Every time notification pops up, it shows even on locked phone and it wakes up the phone. The screen stays ON all the way until the "sleep after inactivity" in phone settings kick in (and I like to have that set up to 10 minutes or more because I want my phone to sleep when I turn it to sleep). For all this time screen is consuming battery + it is ruining my privacy because everyone who goes around my desk can see my tasks. Another thing is that sometimes these tasks can get completed or postponed in my pocket without me knowing it.

Could you please add function to disable these notifications on lockscreen and display only standard android notifications there? Because the android notifications are controlled by system and I can choose to not show the content of them.

Hello! Had exactly the same problem. Dunno its Xiaomi feature or Android 6.0, but you can edit TickTick app permisions and disable "show on lock screen". In this case popup notifications wont turn on the screen. I hope it helps.
How do you do it? Still haven't figure that out
In Xiaomi phones:

Go to you phone settings >
go to the app manager section that lists all the apps >
select TickTick >
there should be a section called "other permissions" >
disable "show on lockscreen"
Thank you Jorge, but this way I'll no notifications at all, I want them, just don't want to show the content while the screen is locked
Same problem here: every notification wakes up the screen. That's 30 seconds (in my case) of screen on if I don't see it happening.

I can't find any "show on lockscreen" option anywhere, not in the app-options, not with TickTick's settings, nowhere at all. I'm on a Pixel 2 running Android 10.

How do I stop TickTick from waking my Phone?

I am also facing this issue on EMUI 10 based on Android 10, I have set Do not show at Lock screen notifications in the system settings in all 3 types (habit, task and others) and also have the pop-up option disabled from the app settings, even tried the gentle notifications options from the system settings which warned that they will appear only in the notification panel, yet the pop-up still appears on the lockscreen :( and it's bad because I can accidentally press any of the buttons on the pop-up while picking up the phone...
This is a bug that was introduced in a recent version. There is an option in the Settings of the app called "Reminder Pop-ups". I have it set to "No pop-ups", but I'm still getting those popups, both when the screen is on and when the screen is off.
It got fixed, yaaaaay! :D
I noticed it to, just now. Hurray for the developers!
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