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TickTick 3.7.0 is now online!
Introducing TickTick 3.7.0 for iOS & Android,

iOS users can download and update now at App Store.
Andriod users, please wait for a bit longer while Google Play Store processing for the new version. Shall be available in a few hours.

Main new features:
- keep track of each sub-task with individual reminder
- stunning new Summer Theme

Several improvements and bug fixes.

TickTick Team with love.
Big thanks for adding sub-task reminders!
Good afternoon!
Please write how the new function will work?
Hello Ivan,

You can check out our official release note via the url below. Hope it helps.
I wanted to know whether these subtasks will get to the calendar or smart lists.

In the web version, the selected date merges with the subtask text.
They do get to the calendar. They just collapse within the main task. On the web, you can tap on a task to view the subtasks that belong to it. If, that's what you meant.
Nothing is visible in the calendar.
Could you please double-check whether you've chosen to hide the list from calendar view?
I checked. Nothing appeared on the calendar.
Umm..tap on the icon( has an eye on it) at the top right in calendar view and see if you've made the correct selections?
Lexi: Nice update. On the web, can we have a different color for the subtasks' due dates? Right now it displays in black, and if the sub-task text is long, it will look like the date is part of the sub-task text which is kinda confusing. Thanks a lot!
Hi Wassim,

Yes. That is in our plan. Will surely make some improvements on it in the future.
Marked "All"
I'm using the Chrome extension
Please write the manual and features.
Hey Ivan, I think we've misunderstood each other before. Could you make sure your task(not sub-task) has a date on it too? We haven't support to display task without date (doesn't matter sub-task has it or not) in the calendar view.
Let's not guess each other's thoughts. Please write how to use the new features and their features. Thank you.
Support to add sub-task reminders. You can do it by following the steps below:

Select a task to view sub-task detail -> Tap on a sub-task -> Tap the Alarm icon to add a reminder for it -> tap on another sub-task to set a different reminder

However, as I replied before, we do not support to display task without a date on it and that could be the reason why your tasks are invisible on the web. Let us know if you need further assistance. Cheers.
Summarize. If the subtask with the date and time, then a reminder will be. If the task is only a date, then this is reference information.
I think perhaps Ivan's expectation was that subtasks would show up on the calendar as their own separate items. For instance I created "testtask" just now, due on Sunday. I then added subtasks A, B and C due Thursday, Friday and Saturday, respectively. But A, B and C don't show up *individually* on the calendar. They only show up as a list under the "testtask" item in the calendar.
If I put the date only in the subtask, then the calendar does not show anything. I also created a test task with a date without time. The reminder worked at 9-00.
This update (and several before it too) look really good. I stepped away from TickTick for about a year but this week I came back and am loving the choice.

Using latest iOS version and latest OS X version.

iOS version operates very well with subtask reminders, LOVE the feature thank you! However it is glitchy/buggy when trying to access a calendar I've subscribed to...familiar with this?

I subscribed to a calendar and ALL it's delegates, worked fine. When I realized I didn't want all the delegates and just wanted the main calendar events it was too late.

Now every time I go into settings to calendar subscriptions the app force closes. And the OS X version doesn't have a very rich settings presence so calendars aren't mentioned there. If I can't unsubscribe from this, my return to TickTick will sadly be over after a whole one week back :(
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