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Notifications on shared lists?
Is there no notifications on shared lists as in Wunderlist? !

When a person you have shared with do one of these actions:

- Adding a task
- Completing a task
- Do changes to a task (Re-naming, changing due-dates, etc.)
- Adding media/comments/attatchments.

I miss an instant notification on these things.

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, we do not support notifications on shared lists in general. When adding comments to a shared list, you can trigger the notification by @the person. We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused to you. Let us know if you have further questions. Cheers.
Oh, that is sad to hear! Because if you had push notifications it would be much more effectively and useful to collaborate with others - to keep track of what everyone is doing instantly. Wunderlist has this. I'm by the way sure you know that many Wunderlist-users are looking for alternatives in these days. They (and me) are used to push notifications on activities in shared lists.

I hope that you will have this up to consideration and try to implement this.
Hello again,

This feature is indeed on the list of our dev team. It just will take some time to make it happen. Right now, you may consider to use the list activities feature that's available on web only. However, it will provide similar function as change history on shared lists. We apologize again for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.
I too would really like this feature, please add it asap!
I three would really like this feature. I currently use Basecamp for other projects and it is very useful in this way.
I would very much like to receive notices like in Wunderlist (Vegar Mikalsen wrote it all right).

Also in your application for Android - when you click on the notification of a comment, you can not go into the task. (That is, the comment itself opens, but it is impossible to get to the task).
What is the current status and plans for notifications on all actions made in shared lists?
This is the ONLY thing that is missing!
Me too! I would really like this feature. This is the ONLY thing that is missing! Please, make it happen ASAP. Thank you.
Please add this feature ASAP! Very important to our workflow.
+1. Count me in with those requesting this!

This feature would also be super useful

Side note to ticktick team: Ignoring this bug ( is not really helping ;)
+1, this is a deal breaker until it's added. Looking at Trello for the moment I guess.
Just chiming in on this last entry.....
Trello is another good tool. We just added this into the mix to fill the void this thread talks about.

So far it's working out very well. We still use TickTick... along with Evernote for all the real project notes.

Anyway... just wanted to offer some encouragement that,... Trello is working out very well with regard to notifications when a team member makes an update to a card.

Good luck,

I'm trying to sell my old fashioned management team on using TickTick and one of the cool features was being able to add a task to my list so easily.

I had no idea they had added a task until they mentioned it. (bit of a let down when I'm telling them how cool it is..) For now I have to manually keep an eye on the shared list which defeats the purpose of having the app notify me of everything and getting it out of my head.
Any chance we can get an ETA on when notifications on shared lists will be implemented?

Please, such a needed feature!
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