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I love this App, it's a great app, however, I'm also using it to keep bits of important information or information I need to reference quickly and easily. So I create a task and add the details # tags etc - the downside is I have a tick box to "complete this task " which if I do by accident it kinda disappears and I lose that note.
It would be really awesome if there was a notes section - very much the same as how the tasks work but without the tick box and maybe in the details instead of having sub-tasks just have bullet points that never disappears unless deleted.
Hello Darren,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, to support a note-taking feature is not on the list of our dev team. We do apologize for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions/feedbacks in regards to TickTick. Cheers.
Same use case here as Darren. Most painful for me as of now is that I have a meeting notes and preparation notes for the meeting in couple of another apps (Outlook calendar - parallel meeting with myself, macOS Notes and couple of others). It would be a great if I could create a Note for particular time or Folder to have a tasks & notes in one place per "case". It could be even possible with current data model to with Task to represent a case and put above mentioned notes in "Comments", but 300 characters is very limiting there. Is there any chance? Or is there any other possibility / integration with other tools on roadmap?
Hi guys. I've been using TT for awhile now and like you... Absolutely love the app. As a task management tool... It surpasses all others and I've tried many.

For note taking I use Evernote. I've been using it a long time and can't say enough about it.

Between these two apps... You have the best of both worlds. They are two different apps with two different focuses.

Having the right tool for the job... As opposed to using the tool you have for all jobs... Make things easy. EN is a robust note taking app with powerful lookup / search. And a real editor.
TT has everything you'd want from a task management tool and the're getting better all the time.

imho... It's not a bad thing using these 2 apps.
On the contrary... It actually provides separation between all of my notes and project planning ...and all of my tasks I need to stay on top of and schedule.

Yep, right, I just posted another note in zapier topic about integrations with note taking systems. I use now URLs, which is not the best. Looking now at toodledo and it would cover basic things for me. I also agree that for sophisticated and more complex projects it need to be another application (no silver bullets), but then it creates a big demand on integrations and APIs.
You can use a trick I use. I keep a folder labeled "Notes". Inside that, I have 2 lists. Personal and Work.

You can save the tasks in these lists in the respective folders. If you tick them as complete, you can just go to the folder, then the list and click on "show completed" and you will see the note. You can un-tick the note and it will be un-done.

On the other hand, you can use the search and get the task and un-tick it again.

I know it is not a solution but more of a work around.
it might, because I have 4000 tasks in system, but I'm trying to "re-set-up" to some more "high-level" way, while keeping all things connected and somehow related. Manual maintenance is killer :-) using all other tools. I was using e.g. Outlook + OneNote in Windows - it is nicely integrated also with Lync. But since I got to Mac, I'm in transition between various tools, till I find the best set-up :-). Exciting journey, but a bit clunky. I love tick tick, so still thinking how it would be a central point of my daily work and personal life. Using ticktick for more then year, it is evolving, but at the same time my use cases are... to add - I know that feature will not create habit, but still many things to manage and information to govern.
+1 for this simple feature. Without that I need to use Google Keep also.
+1 for OneNote integration, so the tasks can be linked to OneNote pages somehow
They did say at some point, they would add a feature that would allow tasks to be turned into list items like Todoist has. This would essentially allow for non-clickable items that could be used as a simple note system related to projects or tasks.
Thank for the update Joel - I look forward to this when it gets added
+1 for OneNote integration! Would like the functionality of "taskclone" built into the app already (i.e. task created in meeting notes tagged as "To Do" in OneNote automatically moving over to Inbox of TickTick.
I suggest that ticktick tasks simply have an option to remove the task checkbox (one of the dropdown menu items could be "remove/restore checkbox") - I imagine this would be simple to implement. Tasks that had the checkbox removed would become notes. Tasks that retained the checkbox would be tasks.
Notes supporting markdown would make this app completely Perfect


I would love to see this feature added to next roadmap
Hello Sir,

Just imagine to have in tab bar a “Notes” icon section
how beautiful it would be and also has an option to be shown in calendar and ability for folders and adding
file attachments or audio recording,
with total honesty, without notes section the full integration is still not, there is really a need for it, and also to be shown in apple watch, I know it is a big step in TickTick
but with it I would immediately delete Evernote and dayone journal also I won’t need ios notes too!

Please think of it

+10 points!
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