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Chrome App. vs. Chrome Extension
After struggling for months with sync issues between my Android phone and my Windows 10 desktop, I finally learned that (for me) the problem was with the Chrome App, which seems to have been abandoned by the developers. Until I switched to using the Chrome extension exclusively, date changes for tasks never synced properly between my desktop and my phone.

Everything seems to be working well now that I dumped the Chrome App. However, I really miss the ability to launch TickTick on my Windows desktop without having to launch Chrome first (I was able to create a TickTick shortcut to the Chrome App. in my Windows taskbar).

If there is a way to launch the Chrome extension without launching Chrome, please explain. Or, please update the extension to allow the creation of shortcuts on the desktop, taskbar, Start menu, etc.

And if the App really is dead, please remove it from the Chrome web store - it's a huge source of confusion!

C'mon guys - TickTick is so close to being the perfect tool. Thanks.
Yo Ryan,

Here's a tip. Go to the web app in Chrome, then click the gear icon -> More Tools -> Add to desktop. Write "TickTick" inside the name and tick the option "Open in new window". Bear in mind that the view you were in when you created this action will always be the default when you open the app. So if you want "Today" to be your default view make sure you click on "Today" prior to doing the above steps.

At the point, you have TickTick on your desktop. Double click on it any time to launch it independently from your browser.

Enjoy :")

Best regards,
Thanks, Wassim. That method appears to work for the Chrome app (, but my inquiry is about the Chrome extension (

I've given up on the Chrome app due to sync problems with Android. There doesn't appear to be a comparable shortcut method in the extension.
Hi Ryan,

The method I explained above you should go to the full web app for it to work ( meaning ).

Best regards,
You, my friend, are brilliant! Exactly what I needed. Thanks for persisting with me.

Always a great pleasure to help my friend :")

Thanks for the tip.
Does this still work? there is no gear icon > more tools
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