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Notification not working
Notifications is not working even though alert status has been turned on. I have Android 6.0 , I cannot find the place to add startup applications nor do I have any battery saving apps.0
Hello, thanks for contacting us. Could you let us know the mobile model you are using when this happened?
Blu vivo xl2
Hello, thanks for your reply. Here's a solution for your problem. Please follow the instruction below:
- Find app named "i Manager" in your mobile, if you haven't got one, please install it.
- Go to app manager in iM and select autostart manager - find TickTick and turn on
- Go back to the home page of iM and Click on the right corner - settings/speedup whitelist - find TickTick and turn on
- Back to home page and go to power manager - select backstage power - find TickTick and turn on

It shall fix the notification issue you addressed. Please contact us again if you have further questions. Cheers.
Can u send me a link of this in Google play I cannot find this app in the play store

Sorry about the late reply. There are more info that we might need you to provide in order for us to help with your case.

- Would you please go to "More settings" on your phone and click "About phone", screenshots the whole page and email us at

We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused to you. However, the problem is a bit tricky if you cannot find "i Manager" on your phone. Because generally that came with the phone and is not supposed to delete. We will figure it out once you sent us with the screenshots. Cheers.
Notifications haven't worked for me on Android in many months, over 2 phones and 3 Android versions, so I'd kinda given up. The info in the "notifications not working?" message wasn't helpful for me either.

I really would love to get it working, and ideally utilizing Androids newer, more robust notifications.
Hello Troy,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you provide the mobile model you've been using?
Hi I've sent the screenshot
Hello Wendy,

I had been in Samsung Galaxy Note phones, so my last phone was the Note 5. My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and I'll be in the Samsung Galaxy S8+ in about a week.

TickTick had been my most favorite to-do application, but, as I said, notifications simply haven't worked for me for many months across multiple phones and versions of Android. Without reliable notifications, it becomes useless.

My phone will periodically go nuts with a clustered flutter of notifications from TickTick all at once. There'll be a quick thing that pops up from the bottom of the screen then immediately goes away. After about 5 seconds of that, there will be just a single notification asking if notifications are working, but the instructions it gives have never been something that helps or resolves the issue.

Notifications work normally for everything else, so I don't understand why there's this issue with TickTick​. It seems like it tries to do something differently than the way other notifications work, which probably is not a good idea.

I would really love for notifications to work perfectly and reliably with TickTick, because I would really love to make use of it again for what it does so well for task management at the level I'm looking for.

Thank you for your help!
Hello Troy,

Thanks for contacting us. Could you please go to settings in TickTick ->reminders->pop-up and to switch it off, see if it helps with your case(alert rings without popups)?
Thanks, Lexi. I'll try that. I just changed the setting.
Well, Lexi... Based on that simple change and my first test, notifications seem to be working perfectly. Wow, a simple setting made all the difference. I wish I'd known 18 months ago!

If that doesn't prove to resolve my issue, I'll post again, but it looks like I'm good to go now.

Thank you!!
Hey. I got the One Plus 6 and the app has stopped sending me notifications for all my tasks and reminders.
@Haiderali Amir,

Please set up the following settings:
* Allow TickTick automatically start at boot and background.
* Set TickTick in Memory Optimized Whitelist.
* Under battery optimization, find TickTick then choose "Don’t optimize" or "No restrictions".
* If cleaning application when locking screen is set in the battery settings, please set TickTick in the not clean list.
* Lock TickTick in the system background. (Click the system "Square" virtual key when running TickTick, then click the "Lock" icon at the top-right corner on "TickTick" in system background to lock. Or you need to swipe down TickTick to lock on some devices).
*Check in the TickTick app, Settings — Reminder — Alert Mode, see if you’ve enabled it.

Let us know if it didn't help.
Hi have a Huawei GT3 Android 7.0 and I'm not getting reminder notifications?

Have you tried all the settings above?
TickTick notifications don't work on any platform - it has nothing to do with Android, iOS or is a problem in the application itself.,

Could you double check whether you've set any reminders (not only due date&time) for tasks? You may provide some screenshots to with the case too. We will have a check for you soon.
So I'm having a very annoying issue. Google Calendar reminders and events and also Keep Note reminders does not appear in Ticktick's calendar and vica versa. So no reminders between the two platforms even though I accepted every permissions needed. I upgraded to premium so it should work in theory.
I have a Huawei Mate20 pro with android 9 pie and Emui 9 on it.
Does this app needs to be opened (in recents) for the reminders/notifications to work?
I have battery optimization disabled and everything but it still does not notify me.
I suspect that it needs to run in the recents to work. Is that right?
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