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NOT function for smart lists?
Hi! I'm so in love with this app/site. One thing I'm feeling would enhance the service though is if we had the ability to use a NOT function in the filters for smart lists. Let me explain:

I use tags to help me filter the conditions required for a task and also people I need to speak with about the task. Currently, I (think) I have no way of filtering on tasks that only meet one of those criteria.

Eg: if it's currently quiet but my partner alex isn't around, I want to see all tasks (from multiple lists, work, personal, family etc) that have the #quiet tag but not the #alex tag. Otherwise I then have to filter manually through the tasks to pick out the ones I can do, which breaks flow.

The logic for this would be tags = quiet NOT alex.

Of course I appreciate this may not actually be possible, but it's something to think about :)
Hi , smart list does not support NOT logic . We'll note down for future considration . Thanks for your suggestion . :)
This has been on my mind for such a long time, but I decided to procrastinate and never posted this. I know I'm a bad boy - LOL.

+1 for Vic's idea :")
Hi , we'll take this into consideration . Thanks .
+1 for this feature.
This is a no-brainer. You can do everything in Boolean logic with AND and NOT (and some brackets!) but not with AND and OR.

It doesn't take a complicated example to show how the missing NOT really compromises smartlists:

1. You use tags for GTD contexts, like stuff you can only do #athome and #atwork.

2. You might not yet have allocated contexts to all tasks - e.g. some can be done
anywhere. Others might still be in the inbox, untagged, yet doable now.

3. You want a view of all next actions and inbox tasks that can be done at work.

As things stand there is no such smartlist, because you can't choose next actions EXCLUDING ones with the #home tag, which must be done at home. You are required to have some redundant #anywhere tag or some such clumsy workaround. Perhaps have both #athome and #atwork for these tasks. There is an option to include tasks with no tags, but that would exclude tasks with tags unrelated to the context. Anytime you forget to add the context tab, the tasks falls through the gaps.

Tag filtering must be exclusive as well as inclusive, because tags means something is not currently relevant or desirable to see just as often as the opposite.

Other uses might be to exclude #personal or #work_confidential at work or at home respectively.

I got my hopes up seeing the word "logic" when first seeing smart lists, only to have them dashed by the logic being incomplete and unusable for contexts.
Dear developers,

Can you tell us when you are going to add the NOT feature? For tags, lists, dates and priorities. We desperately need this feature in TickTick. Look at the Remember the Milk app. They have incredible Boolean logic and the search filter rules.

Is it a matter of weeks, months, years?
+ 1
Agree. This is really necessary in order to managed focused views of lists without having to add a bunch of manual tags just to get that focus.
As features go, this should be fairly simple to add. It isn't really a feature, so much as correct implementation of an already claimed feature - logic Any news on plans for this gap to be filled?
+1 really need this
+1 oops like i already plus one'd so i guess this is plus 2 now since i cant delete a post :-)

I definitely second adding "NOT" to the smart lists (which, to be honest, I have yet to find terribly useful), along with other boolean operations that could give this feature more utility.
Just about to drop my Pro subscription to switch to something else because this is getting in the way from filtering my lists for the right context. Any update please?
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