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Starting a task only if another task is completed
How can I start a task only if another task is completed?
Need a dependency by performing another task. Or a few other tasks.
Hi Вадим,
Could you share the scenario that you will need to start a task only if another task is completed?
Currently, if you set repeat tasks, the next repeat cycle will be generated only when you completed the current repeat cycle.
No, this is about the beginning of _another_ task. Not about repeating of the same.
For example, this scenario: When completed the task "Sell the cow", then start the task "Buy a goat (for this money)". Or "Start advertising" if "signed a contract" and "paid the money".
Task dependencies are available in Wrike, Asana and MLO.
This is an interesting concept that would be useful.
Also vote for this, extremely nice feature which will always make clarity on the next action in the project, i.e.

Project `Animals`:
* Sell the cow;
* Buy a goat (is dependent on `Sell the cow`);
Next action: Sell the cow;
Just to add to my previous comment, OmniFocus has it (,

Sequential—Sequential projects have actions that need to be completed in a predetermined order; the first item must be finished before you can move on to the next. In a sequential project, there is only ever one action available at a time. (this is also, by definition, the project’s first available action).
+1 Task dependencies is a very useful concept, especially for people with GTD-heavy workflow
Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We will add your votes for this function.
Sorry, wrong post

Sorry, wrong post
+1 Task dependencies is the #1 thing missing with TickTick
I want this
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