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Sync background do not work IOS
When i do any new task in web version, only when i run todoist app in ios it sync.

Nor do the push notifications work.
I back session and sign agail.

Hi miguelns21,
Are you using TickTick or todoist? If TickTick, please scroll down the task list screen to see if tasks added to web sync to Android or not.
TickTick of couse, sorry.
When i added a task in web version, this is not avalaible until i open iOS app.
If this task is a alarm is a problem because this not notify me in Iphone.
Same issue here. TickTick does not sync in the background on any iOS device, iPad or iPhone. The only way to get the app to sync is to open it, and then it syncs.
Hi miguelns21, SteveL,
Thanks for the feedback. As you both said hat when you open TickTick, tasks will sync. It seems that TickTick app is in suspended state when not syncing.
And push notification not working neither?
This is a big problem...
I put a task with reminder in web version. But i never will be notified in iphone if i not open ios app.

Please can you help me?
Today, app ios update and it is working today.
Thanks you.
Thanks for letting us know ^-^
Hello guys, this appears to be a problem again in iOS 13. Any ideas of how to fix it?
I am experiencing the same issue with IOS 13. Just started using TickTick a few days ago, and I am really enjoying it. But the lack of seamless sync is a huge problem.
Hey Scott,

Could you please be more specific about the issue::>_<::
I am still experiencing the same issue on iOS 12. The background syncing has never worked for me, which is why I am looking for alternatives. Only re-opening the app causes the sync to happen.
Yes. I should have fully tried this before buying pro. I can’t believe this has been an issue since 2016. If I add a reminder via Siri to reminders it will not sync until I actually open up the TickTick app then it will sync. Disappointing.
This is exactly what's keeping me from buying pro. If I need to open every device every time I add a task in order for that task to sync, I would rather just stick with the iOS's Reminders app, which doesn't have that issue.
ios 13, mac os catalina, chrome web
any folder editing/task dragging/renaming fails to sync across devices. then i have to re-do everything i had just done.. this is a problem
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