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Payment method
I have a question about the payment methods.
When I click the upgrade button the site mentions I can pay 'Within: Paypal/Credit Card'. Since I don't have Paypal I expect I can simply pay with my credit card (the "/" means "or" here, correct?). However when I click to go further the only options are:
- Login with your paypal account
- Open a paypal account

Is it possible to pay for the upgrade without Paypal? I removed my Paypal account a little while ago, and I am not really fond of creating a new one, just to pay for TickTick...
(I don't like the company, so it is a matter of principal)

I payed for services before with the paypal infrastructure but without creating an account (then there is a third option), so I am wondering why this isn't showing up for me when trying to subscribe to ticktick.

P.s. I don't have Google Play store on my phone, so I cannot pay for the subscription in that way either. And yes this is my only device (aside from a W10M phone).
Hi sgvd..,
There are three payment methods available, PayPal, Google Play and iTunes.
Sorry for th inconvenience.
hey guys - in germany repeated paying with paypal is not aloowed - I have a private ticktick acount payed with itunes - so how can I get a second tick tick account? or how can I pay it


Paypal in German does not support any subscription services. You will need to pay via either iTunes or Play Store.
I made a Payment with Itunes (I pay for 1 year) but on the app continue with the free, please helpme
@Gonzalo Salazar,

Please try to restore your premium status via:

Open TickTick on your Mobile app and
1. Tap your Avatar.
2. Tap "Upgrade to Premium".
3. Scroll down the screen and tap"restore" at the bottom.

Let us know if it didn't help.
I'm trying to upgrade via Google play store as I have money in my account and it tells my that payment method was decline. Why can't I pay with my Google play balance??
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