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It would be great to have integration with JIRA
It would be really great to have integration with JIRA. To be able track assigned issues in JIRA from TickTick.
Hi Dmitry,
Thanks for the feedback. The integration is not in our current plan. We'll note it down first~

I second this and couple other integrations that could be useful:
-Have a link to a JIRA issue that all checklist items fall under.

-Even better? To have an option for a jira issue to close once all items are checked off.
Hello guys,

Thanks for contacting us. The feedback has been recorded as Wendy replied above. We do aware of the importance of integrations, however, this cannot be guaranteed in a short term plan. Let us know if you have further questions.
JIRA Integration where issues in JIRA could become tasks and automatically update each other would be amazing. It would become my most used feature 100%
I will add my voice to this. I'm currently leading a Jira and Jira Service Desk implementation at work. It would be sweet to integrate TickTick with my Jira tasks. I've considered creating an automation to just send certain types of Jira tasks to my TickTick via email, but it would be nice to have more robust integration.
This would be huge, the alternatives are to do dual entry or to pick one over the other and that's not a good position to be in. TickTick is great for daily accountability so I don't need this to contain every detail, just enough to connect me to the jira issue, and two way integration so that I start a TickTick task in jira or create/link a jira issue from TickTick. Integrations in general are key to being an app or service of the future.
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