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Google Assistant
Has anybody managed to hook up ticktick with Google assistant. The built in reminders suck compared to ticktick but I haven't managed to successfully get Google Assistant to IFTTT to ticktick email working (with a date).

Also, are there any plans for any official support by IFTTT or Google Assistant integration?
Hi Jake,
Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry that IFTTT or Google Assistant integration is not in our current plan yet. We'll note this down for further evaluation.
Would highly appreciate the integration!
I would appreciate this as well. It's nice to be able to have the assistant enter tasks hands free (such as while driving or cooking), but ticktick's widget is what won me over. I couldn't begin to count the number of apps I've tried.. Only tick tick had the ability to check off tasks from the home screen. Such a seemingly small feature makes a *huge* difference. For now, I just have Google remind me to enter whatever it is into tick tick later in the day.
Yep, Ifttt and google home integration is needed!
Seconded (Fifthed?). Just got a Google Home and would like to be able to add to my TickTick shopping list and not the Google one.
Any update from the TickTick team? Has this made the development roadmap?
I would love to be able to add tasks with Google Assistant, would make the app 10x more useful as I currently use Google reminders for a lot of things hands free
Yes please! I'm on the fence for switching to ticktick from todoist, and this is a must have in today's age.
Google Assistant integration would be much appreciated!!
Love the product but can't be a raging fan until Google Assistant makes it REALLY easy to accomplish things from add task to read out list or remind me...
Agreed, adding a 'me too' to the list.
I would also appreciate some Google Assistant integration. Thanks.
+1 for me too. It's really strange that it works with GoogleNow and not with GoogleAssistant.
I am able to link Google Assistant to Todoist (in Google Assistant) and then go to IFTTT and setup a trigger on Todoist to send an email to TickTick email.

I have done a similar setup for Amazon Alexa as well but for Alexa, there is direct IFTTT trigger when a task is added.

There will be some orphan tasks in Todoist/Alexa which is the only downside I see.

It is not an ideal setup but works well so far.
This should be a priority focus for Tick Tick development
You can add Tasks via Google Assistant and any connected IFTTT email ( I use gmail) You just create the voice command in the IFTTT Google Assistant. Then send an email utilizing your email connection (gmail) to The email needs to be sent from the email account that you have associated to TickTick. Also you put the variable in the subject line. The only problem I currently have is that gmail adds a html line to the email which shows up in the description section of the task.
There's an easier way...

I just say "Note to self", and when google asked for the application to use I chose "TickTick", and now it creates a task for me every time I send myself a note. :) If you don't get the option to choose which application to use you'll have to go into settings and clear the defaults for the application that your phone uses.

I hope that helps. :)
Frank Merenda Thank you so much for your feedback. With the note to self option you can use it just as you would use reminders I.e time and date complete integration with google now.
I can't believe they have not added Google Assistant integration yet. As a web developer it makes me sad :(
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