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Duplicate list names
I keep running into this limitation of TickTick that I hope can be addressed.

I keep my lists in folders based on projects. In many of those folders I would like to have a list named "Inbox" that can hold new tasks that need to be organized. But TickTick keeps telling me I can't have duplicate list names. So I end up with "Inbox 1" and "Inbox 2" etc.

I would like the ability to create many folders with the same name.


Same concern. It would be great to have Project 1 -> Inbox, and Project 2 -> Inbox.

Thanks for contacting us. Could you be specific about the platforms you are on?
I use TickTick on web and iPhone.
Hello again,

Unfortunately, we do not support to duplicate list names at the moment. Your feedback has been recorded by our product team. We will evaluate it when time's mature. Let us know if you have further questions. Cheers.
+1 Would be great to see this feature. I have a lot of project folders with the same lists name inside but here it's impossible.
+1, this is a key thing I miss after migrating over from Todoist, would really appreciate if this could be implemented.
Yea I agree, would be nice to have a duplicate list name but that can carry the folders name or something of the style
Please make this happen, it is invaluable.
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